America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Recap: College Edition!

ANTM Cycle 19 episodes 1 – 4 
by Dancer

My DVR didn’t miss a beat and remembered to record the show even while I was still suffering from major jet lag and ANTM was the last thing on my mind. In fact I wasn’t even sure I would want to watch the new season (cycle) at all.

Add Angela-gate along with the removal of the major staple judges / team the J’s and Nigel I started edging toward the fence. Then the chatter started after the new judges – college girls (yawn), use of the interwebs (as a supposed 4th judge), and Tyra hooking up with her young hot co-judge (go girl!).

I just wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to this show. Is this the shark jumping cycle?

Will the College Edition Favor a brainier sort of beauty?

So how will they use the interweb with a pretaped show?!? All the photoshoots are online so by the time we get down to the end of the show the finalists will already be known online – what!? Before watching the show I learned someone withdrew from the competition and knew who made it into the house weeks before the premier even aired. Huh? Rumor is one thing but the fact that I know this even before watching is irritating.

But then I saw this on The Soup:

..and just thought Home-Schooled-Princess-Train-Wreck. I gotta watch this! Thanks to The Soup with the weekly clips of ANTM they have encouraged me to watching all four episodes on my DVR in a row. Let me start by saying whoop-de-do that Tyra graduated from Harvard – Whee…. Whatever…. My guess is she sleeps with her diploma under her pillow at night.

 Ep #1 First episode in a nutshell: lots of screaming girls, runway with a bunch of people tweeting pics from the pool party. A photoshoot with meeting/judging and input from the interweb. Of course they picked HSP as shown in The Soup clip, and I was thankful they didn’t keep the girl that kept meowing like a cat (totally creepy!).

Ep #2 In the opening credits the judging was explained: judges score + challenge score + social media score = who stays and who goes. They pick up right after they chosen for the sorority house. Tyra turns up to explain the rules and show’s off the ‘Tyra Suite’ – the suite felt very Big Brother-ish to me. Then later Hottie Rob Evan took them to a club in Hollywood and put them up for sale made them walk the runway to compete for the Suite for the night. And then a bearded lady man delivered some Tyra Mail.

For the photoshoot Tyra held an Ivy League Fox Hunt and each dead girl was then stuffed and their heads were mounted on the wall and they took pictures. Or maybe not, I may have been looking at Facebook a bit during that part.

During judging we were introduced to Bryanboy who will represent the social media input (he’ll very animatedly share tweets, votes and online videos). The girl going home was uber quirky but because she had the lowest score she was booted out of the sorority house. & right before ending credits Bryanboy told the ousted girl that she would continue to compete online for an chance to get back into the competition (ala Survivor and every other reality show – hello shark).

Another year...Another sh*t makeover.
Ep #3 The show opens with teary eyes and bitchy attitudes as occurs with all the other shows. The girls are given their Make Over Tyra Mail and the freaking out begins….. “ermagawd my hair my hair!” Kelly and Johnny meet the girls at the salon and the girls are given the option to decide IF they want the makeover or not. There were two no’s HSP (home-school-princess) girl and some other chick said no – so Kelly was going to meet with them but it’s Tyra met with them first instead. Both no girls found that the make over chosen for them would have been fine.

Back at that house its drama, yelling and face offs in the house about stupid stuff. Pretty standard.

Photoshoot challenge was neked photos with Rob Evans. The other chick that turned down the makeover (not HSP) opted out of the competition. During the photoshoot I missed Jay – this Johnny guy has an entirely different flavor from Jay Manuel, I’m undecided on my thoughts of him in comparison to Mr Jay.

At judging the HSP was the winner. But it was revealed to the group and to the girl with the lowest score was told that she wasn’t going home instead she was going to be part of the online competition. So now all the girls know….

Ep #4 Opens to HSP after winning and getting her key to the Suite, she chooses to stay there on her own. One of the gal voices what I’ve been thinking: she’s been home schooled and is now going to an online college, she has no social skills that everyone else learned going to school with other people.

They have an acting challenge with Tyler Perry that was all about transformation and overacting. There was lots and lots of OTT acting. The tall basketball girl won the challenge for being a diva. I actually gotta kick watching Tyra and Tyler in the booth telling the girls what to do via ear mic.

Zombie Couture!
The photoshoot was zombie apocalypse glam. Great zombie makeup and great fashion on some pretty cool sets but some girls took the being dead concept too literally and there were some bad pictures. The judging was more interesting as we were able to see the chosen best picture and the feedback and the scores. I am beginning to like Bryanboy ~ I think.

The two final girls are both two characters I was beginning to like. One was the fiercely real girl and the other girl has had a terribly tough life. The one sent off to the online competition was the tough life girl….

Coming Soon: Steampunk Couture!
BTW, I went to check out the online competition with the girls that have been voted out it’s a quick video on the cwtv.com website. But I really just don’t care to deal with the voting aspect, especially since it feels very after the fact. Also, I can’t avoid thinking that ANTM may have jumped the shark with the online interweb, scorecards, etc. On the other hand the drama in the house is still crazy and yet enjoyable in a car crash kinda way. I’m also shocked that Tyra hasn’t mentioned her Havard Degree…. but hey there are still more episodes to come.

"I have a Harvard Degree..."