The HUNGRY Games!

Our MIA graphic artist, Sara-Breast, popped up long enough to provide me a link to fictionalfood.net  that has several recipes based on the food from The Hunger Games series! I forwarded the link to Shauna the Comely Chemist (the person who introduced me to the Hunger Games series and even gave me a Hunger Games poster that hangs here in the office) and she sent it to her friends and now they are organizing a theme filled gathering for the movies opening. Yup.

Sample recipes include Peeta's Burnt Nut and Raisin Bread, Haymitch's Basket of Love (great...now I'm hungry and horny), and Cupcakes on Fire (pictured above). All posted by Greasy Sae of District 12. In the series, Greasy Sae bought a dead squirrel from Katniss and quipped, “Once it’s in the soup, I’ll call it beef.”

I'm certain Twin does this too but I keep that to myself.


LOL@great...now I'm hungry and horny

If makes you feel any better that was me all day yesterday

Glad to see you around Donna DDs!

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