Steve Jobs Resigns

The king of Apple has stepped down. What is next for Steve Jobs, and who will succeed him?

Here's a shocker. Steve Jobs, less than an hour ago, has resigned his post as CEO of Apple - and is the new chairman of the Apple Board of Directors, effective immediately. Succeeding Jobs is Tim Cook, who was recommended for the position by Jobs. Cook was one of the more public figures of Apple next to Jobs, and it was known for some time they if Jobs were to resign, Cook would succeed. No one knows what is going on with Jobs' health, but it was referenced in his letter that he wouldn't step down unless he absolutely had to, and that time has apparently come.

Whether you're a fan of Android, Windows Phone Mobile, Windows, OSX, or iOS, there is no denying that Steve Jobs is one of the most influential, and inventive individuals in the tech industry, ever. Apple has always been a company that has pushed the industry forward. While they've been criticized as taking something that already exists, and take credit for creating it, they've always created the best user experience, which improved greatly on whatever existed in the first place. Apple has skyrocketed the MP3 player, Smartphone, and Tablet industries into mainstream markets. On the digital front, they created iTunes, which has become the largest digital catalog of music, movies, and phone/tablet/computer applications there is today - influencing services such as Amazon MP3, and the Zune Marketplace.

A lot of technology companies innovate, not just Apple, but it seems like Apple is the company that gives other companies a nudge, forcing them to innovate and create new products in order to compete with Apple. I think everyone has a reason to thank this man for what he has done for technology, and pushing the industry forward. No matter what your brand preference is, if it wasn't for Steve Jobs, Blackberry would still be #1, and PDAs would still be in existence.

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